New Girlfriend AND New Penthouse: Nick Jonas Edition!

Nick Jonas New Pad

Good! Good for you Nick, we're glad to see that this week you're all about doing you!

Sometimes it's just gotta happen! Ha!

First of all, you land yourself a 26 year old girlfriend and that's great (if not a little weird age-wise right now). And now you've landed yourself a totally rad pad in Hollywood!

That's right, Nick has purchased a $5 million penthouse in Hollywood and had it decorated by Kahi Lee from HGTV's Design On a Dime. (Though, he spent more than a dime.)

Let us tell you this: he loved everything about the new furnishings! From the bed to the kitchen table, everything — except two paintings. They were the only thing he had a problem with, and they were of Jim Morrison and Jane Fonda:

"The only pieces he asked me to take down were the portraits of Jane Fonda and Jim Morrison. And I'm pretty sure it's because he doesn't know who they are. He was born in 1992 after all."

Eh, we doubt that, even though it's super clever to call attention to his young age. But as a musician he's gotta have pretty wide tastes, and Jim Morrison is a huge name. Jane Fonda as well as far as fame goes.

Maybe he just didn't like them??

Anyway, Nick! When's the housewarming party??

[Image via WENN.]

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