The new Nokia N9 The Big Introduction

Yesterday Nokia made all people change their minds about the company, showing the new, very sexy Nokia N9 running MeeGo. Recently this handset was discussed much, but we had no imagination when it would be announced. Finally, the N9 was unveiled at the CommunicAsia 2011 event held in Singapore.

For now we know only about some software features of the device and have seen a couple of pictures, but it is enough to give tribute to the work Nokia has done.

The first eye-catching thing in the Nokia N9’s design is the fact there are no front buttons — for all kind of actions you have to swipe or gesture on the screen. We talked about the N9’s new technology before, but we had no idea how it works. Anyway, the phone sports a 3.9-inch AMOLED touchscreen, which is very comfortable to navigate through MeeGo OS that has imitated the icons’ order from Apple’s iPod nano line with its rectangular looks and flat top & bottom edges.

We also know that the Nokia N9 is packed with a TI OMAP3630 1GHz processor that is successfully cooperating with PowerVRSGX530 GPU.

Moreover, this smartphone is equipped with an 8MP camera powered with Carl Zeiss optics with super wide 28mm lens. This means we are dealing with a very fast shooter that is able to record HD videos at 720p at 30 fps. Ah, I forgot to say this smartphone is the first device to offer personal surround soundrealized via the Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus features. And the last thing we know about the hardware of this smartphone is the NFC support capability.

Though we are not aware about MeeGo features, we have no doubt this platform will succeed (probably there will be no need to switch to Windows Phone completely). The Nokia N9 runs a web browser powered by WebKit 2 meaning you can access a web page even when it is loading. Plus, it supports HTML5.

Recently Nokia Maps became very popular and it is clear why the developers decided to bring them to the N9. The app also offers you the fastest way to arrive at a location using public transportation in 85 cities.

The MeeGo UI is really user-friendly and offers three home views — one of them is designed to launch and organize all your apps, the second one refers to your social feeds and all kinds of notifications, and finally, the third one is developed to show all of your live and recently used apps. The OS allows users to pinch and zoom 4-9 live apps simultaneously. When you want to go back to the homescreen, you just have to swipe from the edge of the screen. Well, don’t you think it’s a perfect solution after removing any kind of home buttons?

The Nokia N9 comes with an one-piece unibody design and will be available in three colors — black, pink (cyan) and blue (magenta). I do not mention exactly three colors as different sources mention different colors.

Nokia will offer 16GB and 64GB models, but we still have no idea when, where or at what price tag they will be available.

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