Real Madrid-Barcelona Super Cup Fight 2011: Mourinho Gouges Eye

Barcelona and Real Madrid Got Into a Fight After Their Super Cup Match on August 17, 2011. Coach Jose Mourinho Got Involved in the Brawl, Gouging a Barca Coach's Eye. Here is the Video

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 featured another chapter in the rivalry between Spanish soccer giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two titans met in the 2011 Super Cup with Barca earning a win thanks in large part to the brilliant play of Lionel Messi.

Sadly, many fan weren't talking about Messi's incredible play, instead focusing on the fight that broke out near the end of the match. The fight even featured Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho gouge the eye of an Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova.

The Barcelona- Real Madrid fight 2011 broke out after Real Madrid defender Marcelo's brutal tackle on Cesc Fabregas.

A bench-clearing brawl ensued with players on both team yelling and shoving each other. Near the end of the Barcelona-Real Madrid Fight video, you can see Jose Mourinho gouge the eye of Barca assistant coach Tito Vilanova.

After the match, Mourinho called Barcelona "a small team," whatever that means.

Here is the Barcelona-Real Madrid 2011 Fight video

Barcelona-Real Madrid Fight Video 2011

Barcelona Real Madrid Fight

see larger video

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