More Free Ward Items.

As we all know, Every AD jungler gets a Wriggles, and sometimes laning AD Carries also get one. Well Why should only AD champs get the Free ward items?

Silver Lantern:
Builds from a Crystaline Armor (Sapphire crystal + Cloth Armor + 300g) and Amplifying tome

Silver Lantern's stats:
+300 Mana
+35 AP (down from 45)
+30 armor
Unique Active: Same as Wriggles Lanturn
Unique Passive: 12% spellvamp.

Silver lantern would be the AP equivilent to Wriggles Lanturn.

Angelic Light (Support Ward Item)
Built from Soothing Cloak,( mana manipulator + cloth armor + 225g), and Regrowth pendant and 165 gold.

Angelic Light's Stats:
+30 armor
Unique Active: same as Wriggles Lanturn
Unique Aura: nearby allies gain 20 Hp/5 and 13 mana regen/5

Dragon's Breath:
Built from Red armor(Ruby Crystal + Cloth armor + 225), and Either another Ruby crystal or another CLoth armor

Dragon's Breath Stats:
(Built from Second Ruby Crystal)
+30 armor
+500 Health
(Built from second cloth armor)
+50 armor
+300 health
stats always in
Unique Active: Wriggles Lantern active
Unique Passive: Abilities do a DOT equal to .1 of your armor in magic damage. for 4 seconds.

New items that build into the new Lantern Items.
Crystaline armor:
+250 Mana
+25 Armor
Unique passive:7% spell vamp.

Red Amor:
+275 health (up from 225)
+25 Armor
Unique Passive: Attacks do a Damage over Time equal to .08 of your armor in magic damage over 4 seconds.

Soothing Cloak:
+25 armor
Unique Aura: Allies gain 9 Mana/5

All of these items would fix the problem of not having any wards during mid late game when iventory space is more likely a problem. Criticizm is welcome on HOW TO IMPROVE THESE. All item costs would be 1600 = to wriggle's lantern.

Due TO a request any other items built form Crystaline armor, Soothing Cloak, and Red Armor will go here. Feed back on theese would also be greatly apreciated.

Dragon's Talon:
Builds from Red Armor, Chain Mail, and Brutilizer + 500g
+45 AD
+80 Armor
+300 Health
Unique passive:
+15% CDR
+20 Armor Pen
Abilities cause a DOT equal to 9% of you're armor in magic damage over a 4 second period

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