los 10 mejores juegos de accion para Iphone

Una queja común en contra de los juegos móviles es que no son hasta el tabaco con los llamados "reales" de los juegos, que los juegos como Angry Birds y Fruit Ninja no se pueden comparar a los juegos de consola llena de acción y el PC. Estamos poniendo que la afirmación de descanso con los siguientes 10 cautivantes juegos para móviles, cada una de ellas tiene lo suyo en contra de los servicios de descarga como el Xbox Live Arcade y PlayStation Network

Partly inspired by classic arcade beat 'em ups from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, this game has players patrolling side-scrolling city streets, using various guns and melee weapons to hold off the zombie menace. Players can buy new weapons and upgrades with in-game money. Plus, they can brave the zombie apocalypse together – the game supports online co-op multiplayer. Also, transfer game progress to the game supports iCloud and access from iPhone and iPad.

In this space shooter game, players fly a spaceship, take out enemies and collect energy and powerups. Similar to the classic Asteroids game , the spaceships have inertia, so turning around on a dime isn't possible. Use energy to fire missiles, repair the shield or deploy powerups.

The game features two very different gameplay modes: a frantic survival mode in which the goal is to kill as many enemies as possible, and another in which players rescue people from disabled spaceships while fending off enemies.

The goal of this game is to pilot a helicopter on a variety of missions, which range from simple enemy assaults, search and rescue missions, and just plain fast and frantic flying. The universal app supports TV output up to 1080p, remote controls compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and cloud-based saving.

In this dual-stick shooter, players try to survive in an arena full of enemies. Three different weapons can be upgraded through powerups picked up mid-game. In addition to shooting, some game modes force players to battle weaponless by controlling a snake-based laser ship or to use bombs against zombies.

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In this game, players try to protect a planet from circling invaders. There are endless modes for obtaining high scores: fixed individual levels can be played either for high scores or as starting points for the endless mode. In Gauntlet mode players try to survive fixed waves of enemies.

During each stage, players work toward medals that add replay value to the game. Tailor the controls to work better on both the iPhone (where you can use tilt controls for firing) and the iPad (where you can employ multitouch for firing multiple waves of bullets).

Most games sympathize with the human, especially when ancient creatures are trying to eat that human. Not this one. Players control a giant worm that eats animals for sustenance, spits acid and a deploys a screen-clearing EMP bomb. Armies of soldiers and tanks try to stop the giant worm's rampage, so be careful. Bonus: in an additional set of levels, players try to devour Santa Claus.

Players rush through devious traps, devilishly-placed platforms and dangerous enemies, struggling toward the end – where they get to punch an evil scientist in the face. The game awards stars for completing levels quickly, and for picking up an out-of-the-way briefcase. Over 160 levels require lightning-fast reflexes. One level includes a set inspired by The Blocks Cometh.

Fans of Metroid will like this game, in which players control a robot trying to rescue his beloved kitty. Throughout the levels, collect powerups for jumping, shooting and other enhanced abilities, which makes each level progress like a full-fledged game, only in shorter bursts. Six levels are available by default, but in-app purchase opens five additional levels and a level creation community.

In this game, based on the classic Evil Dead series, players control Ash Williams as he tries to protect the Necronomicon from invading Deadite hordes. Players summon troops and use special attacks to help fend off advancing enemies. Gold collected during the levels goes toward Ash’s upgrades and castle improvements, like archers and a death pit to trap enemies. The game is very easy to control, allowing players to get into the rhythm they need to succeed.

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Many zombie survival games rely on scrapping by with one’s wits and limited weapons. Not this game. Players control an airborn gunship that takes out incoming zombies with heavy ordinance. The goal is to keep zombies at bay while survivors make their way to the bunker. There's something very satisfying about firing huge bullets from the sky that take out entire groups of zombies at once, though the best weapons can only be purchased with gold earned or bought in-game.

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